Passion-Play-Purpose Workshop Testimonials

On May 3rd, Dusty and Koko (a.ka. CoCo) worked with our clients in the Passion-Play-Purpose workshop held at Foxview Stables Inc.  Here is what some of the participants had to say about their experience with discovering more about their passions and how our four-legged masters helped them to discover what was holding them back from their true purpose and what has transpired in their lives since their experience.

Pauline Fleming is the Chief Inspiration Officer at Leaders who Care and is a relationship and communications expert who has dedicated 2014 to finding out more about herself and focusing on taking care of herself and enjoying life to the fullest so that she can give her best self to her clients.  Read about her experience with Koko on her blog Finding Busines Flow. 

Another participant, also wrote:  “I have made my decisions this week based on what I feel.  It hasn’t been hard, it has felt good, and for the most part, it came quite easily and naturally.  Every now and then I would have to remind myself to check with my gut on which course of action felt better….

Interestingly, I want to stay with this one goal – each daily decision by feel – for awhile before I go on to Intention, Attention, and No Tension, for the bigger choices.  I am content to live at the No Tension part of the equation until something bubbles up and am realizing just how much tension there has been – in little ways – all day, every day – even since retirement….Thanks for the session last week.  May have been the best learning I have had in  years”.




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