Our Spring Rejuvenate and Fall Rhapsody Retreats

Are you living out your lifelong dream, leaping out of bed every morning with unleashed enthusiasm and boundless energy, feeling confident that you are filling your day with what is best for you? If you are, congratulations, and keep at it!

But, maybe your life doesn’t look quite like that. Sure – you leap out of bed in the morning — to the coffee machine. You pour yourself that dark, roasted, liquid morning medicine and then wonder why your excitement is steadily declining ever since your first sip. Coffee? Really? Is that the only thing that got you out of bed this morning?

If your answer on most days is yes, then pour yourself a cup of truth: this life is not yours. This dream is not yours.

Your dream feels better than this. Because it’s YOUR dream.

Picture your dream in the form of a puzzle. If you’re jamming a piece into the wrong puzzle, the picture will not be pretty and the poor misfit of a puzzle piece (that’s you, by the way) that you are forcing will become so profoundly contorted that, it will forget its natural shape and where it truly belongs.

So, stop messing around with other people’s puzzles!

Join us at Unbridled Coaching’s Spring Rejeuvenate  and Fall Rhapsody Retreats. You will gain expert insight into self-awareness, breaking through destructive behaviour patterns, and connecting with your higher self that houses your dreams, desires, and – ultimately – your destiny.

Our Spring Rejuvenate and Fall Rhapsody Retreats at Foxview Stables can help you:

We designed this program to provide each individual a one-on-one opportunity to connect with the horses. The horses will allow you to become present to what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling. You will leave Foxview Stables with a roadmap to your lifelong dream.

To serve you better, we limit reservations for a more personalized experience. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to experience enhanced levels of coaching, build deeper connections with both the horses and other participants, and develop a greater understanding of how you can immediately apply the retreat takeaways to your life.

Pricing & Dates:

Spring Rejuvenate Retreat – May 25, 2024

9am-4pm Investment $340 (Includes Lunch)

Fall Rhapsody Retreat – October 5th, 2024

9am-4pm  Investment $340 (Includes Lunch)


How to register:

Contact Marlene at 613-277-4402 or email us at [email protected]. You may pay by cash, e-transfer, or cheque. A credit card payment has an additional $85CAD surcharge per transaction.