Horse Meditation

Horse Meditation

Do you want to enhance your meditation experience? Meditating with an Equus Sentient Being is peaceful and can open up your heart and help you discover solutions to your biggest problems.
Due to COVID-19 protocols, all In-Person Horse Meditation services are restricted. Unbridled Coaching is now providing Virtual Horse Meditation via zoom. We have “tested” this approach within our Herd Community and you can see by the testimonials just how powerful they have been. Who knew? We do now!
Now that COVID restrictions are relaxed, we have opened the sessions in a hybrid format (on-site and virtual simultaneously)  while keeping within COVID safety protocols. Space to be on-site is limited  and will be booked first-come, first served basis.

Our Virtual Horse Meditation program

Feeling overwhelmed with life’s demands and constant changes

Just when you feel you are getting your “head above water,” another huge “wave” comes rolling in and you are left feeling lost at sea and wondering how to manage it all.

Virtual Horse Meditation can help you:

Feeling disconnected from knowing what you really need

With all that you are managing particularly the needs of those you love all around you, are your needs getting lost to the point where you know you are losing ground?

Virtual Horse Meditation can help you:

Feeling invisible and not heard in your relationship with others

You so want strong connections with those around you, yet that seems to be lost or fading. You sense that somehow, this requires a new “dance-step” on your part, but for the life of you, what in heavens could that be?

Virtual Horse Meditation can help you:

In sharing space with the horses and with other like-minded two-leggeds, we have discovered powerful shifts take place. Frankly, it is beyond our understanding, which we kinda appreciate. We sense that it has something to do with the horses being profoundly present and connected from moment to moment with all their senses. This safe zone invites us to drop out of our busy thinking minds and connect viscerally with all of who we really are. Now THAT is life in the Giddy UP lane! Please join us.

Pricing & Session Length:

The investment for the once-a-month, four-month package, is $160 +HST.

Dates available for booking

 April 24, May 29, June 26, July 31 – Four sessions of horse meditation. THIS SERIES IS NOW SOLD OUT!

Here are the dates for the Summer/Fall Series : August 28, September 25, October 30, November 20. There are two sets, one at 4 p.m. and one at 6 p.m. Book your time early! These will sell out fast!

COVID-19 Restrictions permitting, some sessions may be a hybrid of virtual and onsite.

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2020-21 Winter Virtual Meditation with Horses Series:

“Hey ladies. Thank you so much for putting this session together. It was amazing. In some ways, I found that virtual meditation was even more powerful. Being super comfortable in my surroundings allowed me the space I needed to just let go and go deep. I missed the proximity to the horses but it more than made up in a stillness that is not always possible when you are not in a physically comfortable position. These meditations gave me a chance to stop and truly look at what was happening in my life, during this very challenging time, and to re-center myself so that I could be my best self-going forward. Not only did I receive many gifts from the experience but so did everyone around me as I quieted, so did everyone else. The energy I produce affects everyone around me big time. That was probably the biggest gift I was given. That everything I do and say not only affects me but everyone around me in ways most of us can’t even begin to understand. I am looking forward to the next session and even though I did truly enjoy the virtual sessions, I am looking forward to being in the presence of the horses again. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Love them horses!!!!!”
Marie L
“I adored the virtual horse meditation at the Ottawa Women’s Business Network breakfast. What stood out for me was the sentence, 'You don’t have to tell your breath what to do.' It was also striking to experience how powerful the horses were, no matter how relaxed and still they appeared. It reminded me to really own what comes naturally to me and to stop underestimating myself. Please let me know when you’re gearing up to offer more sessions.”
Alex Keenan
Public Speaking & Communications Consultant, Stage Light Communications
“The on-site and virtual horse meditation experiences have allowed me to finally benefit from meditation for the first time in my life. The practice of closing my eyes, staying still and not thinking has never worked for me. In being able to watch the horses and take in all that I was seeing, hearing and experiencing in the moment, I was actually able to become fully present to my own thoughts. Afterward, the sharing from others in the group added to my insights. As a result, I have found that I have far greater awareness and a stronger ability to navigate difficult situations by not reacting, but rather allowing myself time and space to get clear on how best to move forward. This has had a signifiant impact in all areas of my life, especially within my military service and my relationships. If meditation has been difficult for you in the past, allow yourself the chance to mediate with the horses. Give yourself the gift of working with the horses, and discover how it can truly open, heal and transform you.”
“This is now my 3rd or 4th meditation with Unbridled Coaching. I don’t know if it’s something in the air, the energy of the people and horses, or all of the above, but I always manage to find that desired headspace and centered feeling – regardless of weather conditions. There’s an authenticity about the whole experience that reminds me every time how my intellectual intention isn’t the solution to my daily overwhelm, rather the energy that I create around it, and my perspective of myself and my circumstances that matter. I always walk away feeling more connected, more expanded across my consciousness – where the tightness of my own daily stressful thoughts are reinterpreted and released. Including virtual participants felt completely natural. In fact, it served to expand my experience visualizing their locations and hearing about their experiences. A testament to the power of the energy and our connections. I will never turn down an opportunity to participate if life permits – it’s an integral part of my life now.”

Virtual and On-site-client (Hybrid session)

"It was my distinct pleasure to be a virtual client for Horse Meditation, in conjunction with the live event. I felt as if I was there and part of the group. Although I have attended both live and virtual events in the past, the combined energy of live participants and those of us coming in virtually allowed me, for the first time, to experience my “inspiration” in real-time, as opposed to tapping into it, hours or days later. It was very powerful and I recommend being either a live or virtual participant, depending on what suits your schedule and availability, knowing that the experience can be equally enriching."
Gile Beaudoin