Equus Wellness Packages

Our Equus Wellness Packages were created to provide you with the greatest impact from your experience with the horses and clarity on how to take your next steps in creating the life you desire. 

Packages may include the following depending on the package you choose:

Coaching with the Horses is a 1 hour session and will take place in the tranquility of Foxview Stables. Your four legged coach will bring you into the present moment allowing you to get in touch with what you are truly feeling and what you truly need while Marlene & Maureen offer guidance. 

Our 1 Hour Horse Experience is unique for each individual. Some have felt blanketed in the calming energy of your four legged coach while grooming and observing, or simply leading the horse for a walk in the pasture.  This uncoached experience allows you to nurture your soul.

Virtual Coaching allows us to bring the energy of the horses to you over the ethers during the cold winter months when on-site coaching is unavailable. Each 1 hour virtual session will be with Marlene, Maureen and the horses over Zoom and will be tailored to suit your specific needs.

To learn more about Horse Meditation and Retreats, please click to follow the link.

12 Month

“Deep Dive”

Immerse yourself in our 12 Month “Deep Dive” Package experience and discover the answers you are looking for as you create your own journey.

This program includes the following:   

Coaching with the Horses – 6 Sessions  

Personalized Virtual Coaching (Fall & Winter Months) – 6 Sessions                     

Horse Experience – 3 Sessions 

1 Year of Horse Meditation – 9 Session (pre-determined dates) 

Spring & Fall Retreats    

Total Value of $3305                                

Your Investment $2578 (22% Discount)


6 Month

“Quantum Leap”

Leap out of your current mindset. Absorb positive energy, space and guidance needed to move forward with our 6 Month “Quantum Leap” Package experience.              

This program includes the following:  

Coaching with the Horses – 6 Sessions

Horse Experience – 3 Sessions              

Horse Meditation – 3 Sessions                              

Spring & Fall Retreats                        


Total Value $2105 

Your Investment $1852 (12% Discount)


3 Month

“Fast Track”

Prepare to grab on to the reins and giddy up as we take you through our 3 Month “Fast Track” Package experience.                                                                                                                 

This package includes the following:                                                                       

Coaching with the Horses – 3 Sessions   (Spring, Summer or Fall)                           

Horse Meditation – 3 Sessions               

Spring & Fall Retreats                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Total Value $1355                               

Your Investment $1192 (9% Discount)    

For more information or purchases, please call 613 277-4402 or email [email protected]