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Do you learn best with others? Being seen and heard in a small group can be validating and downright inspiring! Sharing challenges and insights somehow ramp up the creativity factor, YUP, it is the power of the herd. Yeeee-Haaaaw!

Check out the following options. If you want to bring your own group, give us a shout. We can customize your experience and offer you a discount.

New Offerings!

Mother and Daughter Connection

Are you finding that you have too many differing points of view in the house? Exchanges around money, relationships, school and work, well … just about anything, end up with blank stares or, the horror, eyeball rolling.

And yet, there is a knowing that, despite these disconnects, a deep caring exits between you.

How about spending time with 1,000-pound four-leggeds? Over 60 million years of evolutionary intelligence is guaranteed to bring clarity and deeply reconnect you.

These Great Masters will help you show up as two equals willing to listen. Talk about getting your giddy up back!

The road can be rocky, however with a Mother-Daughter team that has this kind of mutual wisdom, their power is multiplied and unstoppable.

Come tap into the power of the herd, for your  herd!

Also open to aunts/nieces, daughter-in-laws, sisters, grand-daughters, etc.

Mother and Daughter time spent with the horses will:

Date Night

Looking for something unique and fun to do on Date Night?!

Well, look no further! Have we got something unique!

Come and play with the horses and discover a whole new side to your relationship.

Wine and cheese included.

Open to all.



Couples time spent with the horses will:


‘What a unique and relaxing experience. ‘Date night’ with Maureen, Marlene, and Dusty was calming, thoughtful, and left us with a lingering state of deep relaxation- as a couple. There was a wonderful progression from easy meditation to getting to be with Dusty and learn about the power of intention and the super power of the horse! I  wish it was a regular ‘Date Night’ to enjoy this unique experience!

Maureen and Seifu 

Pricing and Timelines

Friday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
$230/couple all inclusive
Up to 2 couples/date night
Contact us at [email protected] or at 613-277-4402

Calling All Lead Mares!

Outside of yourself, who is your favourite Lead mare?

Our hunch is that someone came to mind pretty quickly. Next question, wanna spend some time with that person having fun with horses? We can feel the joy and hear the laughter already!
Is it your mom, daughter, niece, aunt, partner, colleague or life long pal? Isn’t there something powerful and unique about such relationships? Isn’t this time ripe to acknowledge, celebrate and even strengthen this bond?
Well circle the wagons, Unbridled Coaching is offering 3 hours of unique and quality time to accomplish all that. Here is the scoop!

What you will experience:

Pretty fab, right?! We can also accommodate a small group of Lead Mares, if you would like to include others. 
Get your giddy up on and give us a call at 613-277-4402. Open to women leaders, sisters, friends, LGBTQ2+

Pricing and other details

Dates: Gather up your favourite Lead Mare(s) and let us know your availability. We will coordinate our respective “dance cards” and find a mutual date.
Maximum eight people (4 pairs). 
Light refreshments will also be served.
Cost: $340/pair all inclusive
Register now! Call 613-277-4402 or email [email protected]
lifetime dream participants

Our Africa-inspired
"Inner Safari" Dream Program

Does your life make you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you have a lifelong dream that has eluded you due to limiting beliefs that keep you in your comfort zone? You have what it takes to follow your dream and live your best life and the horses can help you!

This Equus Coaching group program can help you:

Gain the confidence needed to get past your biggest fears and chase your dreams. The horses will inspire and coach YOU to listen to your heart and follow your inner wisdom to move forward and meet any challenges or doubts as they arise.

With 60 million years of evolutionary intelligence, the horses will help you connect to YOUR highest wisdom.

Pricing and Timelines

We deliver this program in two-parts.
You will spend an entire day with up to seven others to identify your lifetime dream, what is holding you back, and how you can achieve it. We will then support you over the following 8 weeks with four 2-hour Equus Coaching sessions (every other week) to ensure you don’t fall back into your usual patterns while we help you design your lifetime dream roadmap!
You are welcome to sign up for the 1-day portion only. The 1-day is a pre-requisite for the four 2-hour on-going support sessions.
The 1-day is $230/person 
The four 2-hour on-going support sessions are $140 + each/person
Pricing all inclusive
So gather a group of five (to a max. of 8 to keep it intimate) and set your dates. 
Or register individually and you can join others who have signed up.
Contact us at [email protected] or at 613-277-4402

Here is what our clients had to say

“A SHOUT OUT TO UNBRIDLED COACHING: I am loving the “Lifetime Dream – Going For It!” Equus coaching program at Foxview Stables, home of Unbridled Coaching! My new friends and I, both two-legged and four-legged (my girl Dusty, Turika, and Ty), are halfway through the program hosted by our amazing Unbridled Coaches, Marlene Armstrong and Maureen Donoghue. We’ve gained profound and transformative insights that are already translating into powerful shifts in my life.”
Lisa Anna Palmer
“I am very touched by the miraculous work that you do. Who would have thought that your vision would develop (and continue to grow) as it is, in so many unique and wonderful ways. Amazing! Truly, you are changing lives.”
Sheila Cameron