Life Coaching

Private Equus Coaching

Are you struggling with a particular issue in your life? Do you find yourself spinning your wheels not knowing how to  move forward? Do fear and doubt keep surfacing so you circle back into old patterns that you realize are getting you nowhere?
One of the following options may be perfect. If not, call us and we can customize an experience that is perfect for you!

A Private Equus Session is a great outlet if you are;

Grappling in your relationships with family, friends, or colleagues

Is it a break up with someone you care about? This can be debilitating and feel like your world is falling apart. Is it constant conflict? Every interaction is fraught with stress and no one’s needs are getting met. More and more, you are finding yourself feeling invisible and not heard.

Equus Coaching can help you:

Bring all of yourself to the horses. They do not judge and will give you instant feedback on what you are feeling. The horses also let you know precisely when you are open, clear and authentic about what you need. Yup, that is their Super Power!

Contemplating a career change

Do you have a job with a stable income that no longer excites you? Know a change can be risky and questioned by others? Ready for a promotion and a position with more responsibility? You have lots of ideas and passion. However, does constant self-doubt keep you in your comfort zone?

Equus Coaching can help you:

Stop the cycle of doing demoralizing work. Let the horses allow you to feel into what lights you up. They connect you with 60 million years of their evolutionary intelligence, which in turn connects you to YOUR highest wisdom. (Yup, another Super Power!) No more dread when you wake up each day. Instead, you arise in full Giddy UP for what is ahead.

Struggling with retirement

The decision may be “forced” or gleefully chosen, regardless, it is a major life transition. Routines change, relationships shift, finances adjust and one’s health takes on new importance. All aspects of life can be “on the table” for review. Oh, yes, and by the way, just who am I anymore? Yikes!

Equus Coaching can help you:

In retirement, being comfortable with being “in-between” is key. The risk here is to not let go of past patterns to stay comfortable. The Super Power here is to be present. Yup, another genius of the horses who are ready to show you just how to do that. Let them teach you so this is “re-firement”!!!!

Grieving the loss of a loved one

The loss of a loved one is both painful and traumatic. The experience is one of many and powerful emotions. It can be disorienting to the point of not knowing how you can possibly go on. We know, a lot depends on you finding out how.

Equus Coaching can help you:

When you are with the horses during your grief, ALL their Super Powers are available to you. With them, you can dive deeply into the present moment and get in touch with what you are truly feeling and what you truly need. You will tap into YOUR inner wisdom and hear how you can regain your strength and take steps forward. Grief is a powerful “professor” and the horses possess the wisdom of the ages to crest these “waves”.

Pricing & Session Length:

We offer private sessions in 1-hour @ $175 and 2-hour blocks at $345Pricing all inclusive.

Each session involves pre-work and one-on-one coaching with two certified Equus Coaches and one four-legged coach.
Or you can choose from the Equus Wellness Packages in order to provide you with on-going support.

Other customized packages for your individual needs are available upon request.

To book your session(s), call us at 613-277-4402 to arrange a date/time.


Private Equus Coaching Session

“Being with you and the horses only a few times has really helped me in an unexplainable way. The only thing that describes it, is magic. I have almost no anxiety like before, as if I never experienced all of my daily struggles. I can’t explain how it’s left, but it’s just not there like it was. I’d like to keep it that way, and plan on hanging out with the four legged crew sometime soon.” Cara

 Fall Rhapsody Retreat and Horse Meditation Series

“I’ve enjoyed being part of Fall Rhapsody and Horse Meditation Series. I’ve learned more about horses and about myself. At first I was quite nervous to be close to the horses participating in the workshop. They are quite large and I didn’t realize just how “in-tune” they are to our vibrations and therefore our energy/emotional blocks.

The greatest gift I received was during the October mediation, in which Turika was present in our circle. She stayed by me through the entire meditation and as the minutes ticked on by, my long standing abdominal tightness began to lessen and I felt an ease within myself; and with that has come clarity.

Immediately the next day I was faced with a choice; to either take care of myself by declining an invitation that did not serve me OR to go with my habitual disregard of myself and go anyway to avoid future criticisms. I believe because of my experience with Turika the day before, I was able to choose myself and I am so glad I had that imprinting of a healthier choice. 

My inner ease continues so that when I feel nervous I am able to bring comfort to my inner self by remembering the feeling of Turika, strong, gentle and still, standing beside me.

Thank you Thank you Thank you – Marlene, Maureen and Turika!”