About Us

So, after working for 30 years plus and finally retiring, what is the obvious thing that one does? Well of course, buy a farm! This is exactly what Marlene Armstrong did when she leapt out of her full-time career. Not so much Maureen Donoghue. For about 3 years after she jumped off the work-a-day wheel, she launched a studied practice of doing nothing at all…….and then the two went out for lunch.

Marlene shared a newspaper article she had read. It detailed how, for many years, horses have been helping humans grow both personally and professionally. Her enthusiasm tapped into not only Maureen’s passion for lifelong learning but the intelligence of animals to inspire. In no time, the two signed up for a year-long certification program to become Equus Coaches and in 2011, Unbridled Coaching was born.

And so, the M&M Team galloped into coaching with their unbridled enthusiasm. Within the first few sessions, they were both rocked with how quickly their clients had powerful insights and not only that, took the next steps to transform their lives. Frankly, what the what??? It was clear that the horses had superpowers beyond Maureen and Marlene’s understanding to help humans. It took at least another seven years before they could even articulate to others what exactly was taking place. The only expression that seemed to capture it was, “People Whispering”. And, to be honest, the mystery continues!

Over the years, Unbridled Coaching has been graced with super star clients that have shown up with courage to be vulnerable and learn more about themselves. A beautiful community has evolved and there is an energy of the wisdom of the herd moving from strength to strength. Please explore more of all that is being offered here, as we would LOVE for you to be part of our herd.

Come and Let the Horses Whisper YOU!


Marlene Armstrong

Co-Founder & Certified Equus Coach

  Marlene has had a passion for horses as far back as she can remember. She always knew they were very special beings who can heal your soul and assist in finding your true self.
  She immediately recognized Equus Coaching as a tremendous opportunity to help others and resolved to bring it to the Nation’s Capital. Marlene owns Foxview Stables in Ottawa, where she offers Equus coaching to teams, executives and individuals.
  Her 2 daughters, Jenna and Morgan, manage the daily operations of the boarding and the horse training side of Foxview Stables. Marlene has an Honours degree – Bachelor of Commerce, with a concentration in Human Resources.
  She has more than 35 years of experience in project management, leading inter- disciplinary teams, organizing major corporate events, coaching and team building.
  She is also a certified Equus Coach, having completed Koelle Simpson’s year-long program. Marlene loves to work in a collaborative fashion and hopes to expand her services worldwide. Her desire to help her clients reach their true potential and find their ‘essential self’ is unsurpassed.

Maureen Donoghue

Co-Founder & Certified Equus Coach

  Maureen’s main focus for the last 30 years is about helping others in their personal and professional development. She has taught with a separate school board, as well as designed, delivered, and evaluated technical and professional development programs for the Canadian Federal Government.
  She established a national network of organization development specialists as well as developed and implemented human resource strategies for wide-scale organizational transitions. Maureen also
managed program evaluation and public opinion functions for a federal crown corporation.
  Maureen is a strong believer that despite the challenges that an organization may face, when employees are empowered to learn, everyone benefits. Maureen’s work has been recognized with
multiple Federal Deputy Minister awards and more importantly, with the confidence shown to her by management and employees at all levels. 

She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and religion, a Bachelor of Education with a concentration in counseling and a Master of Education in educational counseling. In addition to traveling and reading, Maureen’s passions include agility training for dogs where the learning opportunities are infinite!

Maureen underwent a year-long training program with Koelle Simpson, a world-renowned Master Equus Coach. Maureen has since been applying that training in the National Capital Region with her business partner Marlene Armstrong, and has never looked back. Maureen is particularly adept at putting people at ease, thereby creating a relaxed environment that is more conducive to learning and having a little fun

our herd


Clara – is a beautiful dark bay Hanoverian who arrived at Foxview Stables a year and a half ago, a 3 year old in for formal training, so that she could be sold by her then owner to an up and coming rider. Clara immediately stole our hearts and patiently waited in the paddock for Sophie who bought her after searching far and wide for a riding partner. Clara continues to work her magic by connecting with the hearts of our clients in our Meditation with Horses Program. She is a superstar at holding safe space.  


Dusty – is 30-year-old Appendix has been there, done that, in the horse competition world. She is as solid as they come… both physically and emotionally. She is Unbridled Coachinggo-to gal” when it comes to helping clients see their blindspots and showing them exactly how they are showing up, without any judgment whatsoever.  Another master meditator as well!  


Cedric – is a bay OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) who enjoys his nap times! In fact, every morning you can see him zen-ed” out in the paddock. When it comes to working with clients, he can continue that zen or show up large! Liz his generous owner allows Cedric to work his magic in meditation and other coaching sessions (one-on-one and group).


Turika came to Foxview Stables as a 4 year old (now 9) all the way from northern British Columbia! She was gangly and looked a bit like a deer with her large ears (and a small body at the time). She has blossomed into a beautiful, sweet-hearted horse and has won the hearts of many of Unbridled Coachings clients. Samantha is now her proud owner and has generously agreed to keep her in our program!


Smooze belongs to a teenager, Lia, who simply adores him (and rightly so). Another OTTB who knows how to teach our clients how to chill and unwind. Also part of our meditation with horses series. That heart on his face says it all! 


Cheniah full of character is a beautiful bay Warmblood mare. She is one of our superstar meditators. Her owner Emma loves for her to participate in the meditation sessions as she imparts her wisdom to clients around the circle.  

Our herd lives here in Foxview Stables