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Welcome to The Unbridled Coaching

Corporate and Life Coaching with horses

Unbridled Coaching combines traditional life and corporate coaching methods with the intuitive nature of horses to improve our relationship with others, advance our goals, and better our lives. Located in Osgoode, Ontario, we offer private sessions, workshops, and corporate retreats. Our Equus coaches also do speaking engagements.

Equus Coaching is a unique and highly effective coaching service offered by two award-winning Ottawa motivational and leadership coaches, Marlene Armstrong and Maureen Donoghue. It draws on the instincts and wisdom of horses to provide a greater sense of self, as well as social awareness.

Our Services

All services are provided by two certified Equus Life Coaches and their powerful four-legged Life Coaches

Life Coaching​​

Recognize your blind spots and understand your life’s purpose in a one-on-one life coaching session with horses.


See how the power of horses can enhance your meditation experience and help you peacefully release and reiterate your daily stressful thoughts.


Remove old habits and discover what your heart truly desires on a luxurious four-day retreat to St Anne’s Spa. All meals are provided and you get laser-focused private and group life coaching from our certified Equus coaches and their four-legged coaches.

Group Coaching​

Do you learn best with others? Being seen and heard in a small group cannot only be validating it can be downright inspiring!


Gain the leadership skills needed to build a transparent workplace and build better trustworthy relationships within your staff. Our Relationship Intelligence Model can also help corporations with the multiplier effect needed to positively affect their bottom line.

What Our Clients Say

“I adored the virtual horse meditation at the Ottawa Women’s Business Network breakfast. What stood out for me was the sentence “You don’t have to tell your breath what to do.” It was also striking to experience how powerful the horses were no matter how relaxed and still they appeared. It reminded me to really own what comes naturally to me, and to stop under-estimating myself. Please let me know when you’re gearing up to offer more sessions.”
Alex Keenan
Alex Keenan,
Public Speaking & Communications Consultant, Stage Light Communications

“A SHOUT OUT TO UNBRIDLED COACHING: I am loving the “Lifetime Dream – Going For It!” Equus coaching program at Foxview Stables – home of Unbridled Coaching!” My new friends and I, both two-legged and four-legged (my girl Dusty, and Turika and Ty), are half way through the program hosted by our amazing Unbridled Coaches, Marlene Armstrong and Maureen Donoghue. We’ve gained profound and transformative insights that are already translating into powerful shifts in life.”

Lisa Anna Palmer,,
author of Light a Fire in Their Hearts.
“Thanks so much for everything. Your support and insights have been invaluable to me these last few months. You do very good work.”
Janet Holden

professional certification

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