Happy Client's


Don't Take Our Words! Hear What They Say About Us.

“The two-day Equus Coaching session has changed my life with excellent results, it has helped me understand myself better, has made me conscientious of my surroundings and the way I react to it. The biggest thing that the training has brought to me was CONFIDENCE. Since this session, I TRUST AND LISTEN to my intuition a lot more, what can I say other than AMAZING! AMAZING …and AMAZING!!
Linda D
" My Equus Coaching session really put my mind at ease and reinforced my increasing positive attitude towards the education and knowledge I currently possess and will continue to foster. When I find my mind drifting or I start to doubt my abilities & skills, I remind myself of the connection I had with Mojo (the horse), how I had to focus on his eye and give 100% of my attention and energy to maintaining this connection in order to succeed in the process. This experience has taught me to be present, in the moment, whether I’m conversing with someone or challenged with a task or learning. It also taught me to appreciate who I am, my current skills and my talents. I believe in myself and what I have to offer and I know that I will continue to grow.
Suzanne St. Pierre-Miczki
"I’d been in a place of indecision for awhile, even though more traditional coaching methods had been helpful, the big stuff was still difficult. I attended a session with Maureen, Marlene, and Mojo, anticipating to work on forgiveness. Before the horse work, I discovered it was forgiveness to myself, for dreams broken in a sense. I knew almost immediately Mojo was who I’d work with, when I saw him in the paddock that day, the way he was looking at me and chewing, focused, grounded. I wound up making a major business decision I’ve been struggling with for months. Through a series of questions I was asked, I found my true feelings while being honest with myself. When being truly authentic, Mojo reacted positively, and by me knowing what I wanted, he knew what he wanted too, I felt connected and could feel his energy. With this weight lifted, I’ve been able to stay true to myself and this decision, moving forward with the tasks at hand. Working with the horses has helped me be stronger in listening to my intuition, being confident in myself, and not focusing on what others will think. Even though I didn’t specifically work on forgiveness, I did learn something about the way I’d been feeling about it, something to work on in another session. If you’re struggling with anything, take it to the horses, they know, and they’ll truly help guide you, teach you. Marlene and Maureen are wonderfully professional and welcoming, without judgment, and their facility is clean and accommodating."
Melanie M.
I’ve just returned from a two day workshop near Ottawa that integrated horse centered activities.  This was held at Foxview Stables, owned and operated by Marlene Armstrong. I loved the peaceful and well kept 15 acre grounds. The large indoor arena was clean and open. What impressed me most though was the effectiveness and professionalism of the staff-all of the various activities (a constant supply of fresh horses, support and accommodation for breaks and lunch, support for attendants) were provided with seamless ease and proficiency.I would encourage anyone considering facilities of this kind to look into Foxview Stables.
Dr. Kim McKenzie
"This experience has taught me to be present, in the moment. It also taught me to appreciate who I am, my current skills and my talents. I believe in myself and what I have to offer and I know that I will continue to grow!"
Suzanne S.
The horses taught me two big lessons in leadership; to remain calm and to be clear about where I am going. These are insights that have stayed with me.
Catherine Aubin, Conflict Management Practitioner
"The experience with Maureen, Marlene and the horses has been very profound. I am changed and observe myself continuing to change daily. In my last session with Dusty, I didn’t really get her to go along with me for very long. I would say this was very illustrative that when there are a lot of distractions for others, I get distracted too and don’t concentrate. I end up all over the place and not being the leader I need to be for myself and my family (possibly). The easiest thing to do when faced with distractions is to fall into old patterns (get into looking after everyone else, lose sight of my goals and/or lose sight of my needs) because that is what I did when Dusty was bothered by the wind and rain – I patted her and did all sorts of unnecessary stuff which was not about leadership or taking care of business or keeping focus. So, inasmuch as the weather conditions and Dusty’s bothered state were challenges, they were actually a BONUS to reveal my Achilles’ tendon. I am now acutely aware of shifts in my thinking and how I approach things. I am not so hard on myself (and others!). I find it easier and easier to stay out of others’ business and having good, healthy boundaries. I find it easier to have a nice time; to relax; to ask and get what I want; be clear, trust my instincts. It’s a lighter feeling I have like I’ve just come back from the gym! I feel calmer and sleep better. I feel like I can get whatever I want out of life more than ever before. YAY!!! If there is one thing (and of course there are MANY lessons learned) that is SO important is how to have compassion for one’s self in times of turbulence. Realizing patterns that emerge when conditions change or when conditions prove challenging in the face of getting what you want from life/staying true to your core – this experience I had is likely universally felt. I am so very grateful for the experiences I’ve had with you both and the horses. Thank you for engaging my courage, intuition and integrity, and allowing my authentic self to emerge."
Judy O’Heare
I began my workshop with the intention to be guided by the horses to gain insight into how to become a better listener and how to be less aggressive and less defensive in my approach and reactions in life. I sought to become more empathetic and responsive. Marlene, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this workshop to Ontario. I thank you for manifesting your own vision which is Foxview Stables. I look forward to returning to your beautiful facility. I will spread the word.
Bonnie McKenzie
I also learned a lot from just watching others work with the horses to see where there were issues in me that were the same. It was not by mistake that we were there working together we are all connected. The horses are great to work with as they have so much to teach us humans on how we could get along with each other. I came away from this week-end feeling more empowered and thankful.”
Eric Robertson