2016 The Best of Times – The Worst of Times

2016, where to begin? It showered us with Grace.  It served up events that shocked to the core. All said, it has been a year that called on “inner bigness”.  Aren’t we blessed then, to be in the business of nurturing inner bigness and with pretty big coaching partners to boot?!

We suspect, if you are reading this, you are part of our “herd” and herein lies the Grace part.  Ultimately, in connecting with our own hearts, we are never alone.  That said, to travel through life with those who share this passion for heart connection is dessert personified.  So it is, as this year completes itself, Unbridled Coaching offers the deepest of gratitude to every two and four legged that has shared our journey.  (check out our “list of credits” for 2016)

As mentioned, there are life events that can disorient in their speed and intensity.  All “the cards” are thrown up into the air and it remains a mystery as to how all this will reconfigure you.  In their honour, we would like to acknowledge, the passing of two Great Ones; one two legged and one four legged.  Tom Donoghue, Maureen’s older brother left this earthly plane in September, followed by, Primano, one of Foxview Stables finest.  Both are held in our hearts in gratitude and a knowing that each really now is closer than ever.

There is something about working with the horses, being with animals and being in nature, that opens you up in a larger manner to experiencing life and all that it entails.  Death has been referred to as the “Big Tent” into which each and every one of us is gathered.  It not only is the equalizer, if courageously mined, allows you to live life with wisdom, so your “sails” can intuitively respond to the gales and the doldrums. We truly are part of something much larger than the limits of our physical form, and the horses demonstrate that every day, all you need do, is stop for a bit, and pay attention.

So, in this holiday season, Unbridled Coaching, invites YOU to stop for a bit, pay attention to what you are hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling.  Tune in to the Intelligence within and feel how connected you are to something much larger, loving and always available with every breath that you take.  How does it get any better than that?  Suspect 2017 is going to show us!

Happy Holidays and All the Best in the New Year!