2016 List of “Credits” for Gracing Unbridled Coaching with Your Hearts and Presence

In reflecting back over the year on all those who generously connected with, supported and jumped right into Unbridled Coaching’s “pasture”, it sure feels like we are standing before you, like at the Academy Awards, with a list of credits.  We know it really does take a village to move forward in this world, so this list, we suspect, is not totally complete.  That said, we do want to take this time, to publicly acknowledge some very precious “herd” members.

The Foxview Stables Team 

Jenna McKay, Farm Manager extraordinaire; Brent Belanger, Jack of All Trades and best Cheerleader EVER; Morgan McKay, veterinarian in the making and resident “Wise Woman”; Rachel Repp, Emma Stodel, Rachel Bell for allowing their precious four-leggeds (Richard; Bonita and Luke) to be our Equus Coaching partners (who were stellar, by the way!)

Speaking of four-leggeds, honourable mention must be given to Dusty and Mojo who have been our Equus Coaching partners from the start and who are still changing lives.

To Molson and the resident pussy cats, that put our clients at ease, make them smile, and we suspect do a bit of their own people whispering as required.

Unbridled Coaching Clients

You said yes to your heart’s call.  You said yes to trusting us.  You opened to seeing yourself through the eyes of the horses. You showed courage to be vulnerable. You showed up for the all of you and in so doing, opened the door for those around you to do the same.  We would not be here without you.  Thank you for transforming us!

Unbridled Coaching Collaborators

Lisa Palmer, Passion Coach, and sooooo much more; Lisa’s heart opened us all up to the adventure of voicing dreams and developing maps that made them come true in our program, “Gallop into Your Dreams” https://unbridledcoaching.com/gallop-into-your-dreams-workshop/

Nevin Elgendy, Life Coach, and a Force of Nature! Nevin helped us to dream internationally and partnered in launching our program, the “Art of Being: Living Your Heart’s Desire” https://unbridledcoaching.com/the-art-of-be-ing-living-your-hearts-desire-workshop-ottawa-ontario/

Inspiration in Action Herd

Author of two books, “Inspiration in Action” and “Unconform”, Kathie Donovan is the Lead Mare, of our Inspiration in Action Herd.  Kathie generously told each of our personal stories of courage in her new book, “Unconform” and ceaselessly inspires, encourages and cheerleads us and our business.

It is because of Kathie, that we now have heart connections with the Bellas and the ladies of Like Minds.  To be in Kathie’s orbit is to be personally transformed through one’s own passion and joy, crazy right?  (that is exactly what she would say :O).  If you haven’t read her books, get out there and get copies, 2017 will be better than ever for you as a result. http://www.kathiedonovan.com/purchase-book/

Remarkable Women’s Herd

Step up and take a deep bow, Anne deButte, another author and igniter of hearts.  Anne gathered together an incredible herd of amazing women over the year.  Along with laughter and a few tears, dinners and hearts were shared to inspire and deepen bonds between us.  This brings us to Sharon Moore.  Sharon created and launched the inaugural POW50, Power of Women conference. It brought together an even larger and more powerful community of women, showcasing their creativity and business savvy.  Be sure to watch out for this event in 2017 and get out there and buy Anne’s book, “Grief’s Abyss” which will strengthen and soften your heart at the same time. http://www.reconnect-from-grief.com/

Horses Helping Humans Herd

Much gratitude goes out to all those committed to sharing and promoting how horses truly help us humans move forward.  In the Ottawa-Gatineau area, we now have over 40 herd members who connect and share throughout the year their resources and stories.  We want to especially thank, Susan Cressy, Highlands Gate Wellness and Ryan Theriault, Tranquil Acres, who hosted HHHH at their facilities.  Their horses were brilliant and the sharing served to reinvigorate our passion for this work.

Equus Coaching Founder

A final very deep bow to the woman who started it all, Koelle Simpson.  Her heart is large and she is wise beyond her years. She is celebrating her 10th year of equus coaching with the founding of the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching in 2016. Congratulations, Koelle!  If you would like to experience Koelle, check out her TED talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lbKF9qCGHg