To Be or Not to Be? An important ritual!

I listened to a very interesting interview between Chris Atwood (The Passion Test) and Mary Morrissey (best selling author and inspirational speaker) last evening. They talked about the important role rituals play in increasing “the potential to live the life you love living” and what rituals highly successful people do on a daily basis as their success tool.  You can listen to the interview at

Mary talked about how instead of creating a “To Do” list everyday, she creates a “To Be” list. Every morning just as she is waking up she gives thanks for the gift of another beautiful day and asks who shall she “be” today?  This daily practice really resonated with me  and is something I intend to incorporate in my day.  As I rise in the morning I will ask myself “who am I going to be today” and at the end of the day “who was I today” and then show gratitude for all the good I did today just by “be-ing”.

Here is my “To Be” list:

To be the best I can be

To be kind

To be generous

To be happy

To be loving

To be giving

To be receiving

I intend to make my “To Be” list my daily ritual. I believe that this daily practice will also raise my vibration and call upon the law of attraction to bring more of who I am “be-ing”.  At the end of the day writing down my gratitude in my ‘gratitude journal’ (another daily practice) will ground all the “to be’s” that I was able “to be”.

Why not try this yourself? – Make up your own “To Be” list! Post it on your vision board, on your bedroom wall, on your fridge door, on your bathroom mirror and on Facebook…. wherever you feel will give you the most chance of acknowledging and seeing it to remind you of doing your “To Be” list rather than your “To Do” list… let us know what happens in your life as a result in the Comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

To be or not to be (or to do) – the choice is yours….


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