Expressing Your Truth

Melanie came to Unbridled Coaching in early Spring 2015 to address her dwindling self-confidence in expressing her truth and setting loving boundaries in all areas of her life. She signed up for our 3-session package. She worked with Dusty and Mojo, our four-legged Master Coaches. She recalls “Dusty standing being my witness and allowing me to be her leader was the most powerful in regaining my confidence”…. “I can still feel her presence and remember that particular session from months ago.”

Melanie had also been struggling with the selling of her horse, Oliver. He is a strong powerful horse that she had bought for her daughter to compete on in the Hunters. Her daughter’s attention, however, veered away from competing and horses. Melanie, being an experienced rider herself, felt she could ride Oliver. However, her dwindling self-confidence told her he was too big and powerful and she struggled to get on him. After her work with Unbridled Coaching, Melanie goes on to say “Finding my voice and setting boundaries has been an area of growth. My gut feeling/intuition is much stronger and I am listening to it. That was especially true with my decision to keep Oliver. One offer just felt wrong. I didn’t trust what would happen to him. The next one really pushed me to stay true to my decision when they offered more money and I said no.”

Melanie has been taking lessons on Oliver and sent us this photo to share her happiness and confidence with you.

Melanie and Oliver

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