We are taking the show on the road!

We are pleased to offer our 1-day Lead Your Best Life Workshop at Temperance View Farm in Athens, Ontario (near Brockville).

What’s Your Story?

You want to change old patterns, you believe it can happen, you’ve done everything you can to force change to happen, but… It. Just. Won’t. Happen. Aaargh!


“My job is a nightmare”

“My kids are out of control”

“Why can’t I lose this weight?”

“This relationship is not working, what can I do?”

What’s In It for You?

  • To identify what is holding you back
  • To know how to move forward
  • To breakthrough old patterns/ruts

What to Expect

In this two-day experience, you will learn to use your personal power in calm, intense, practical, and irresistible ways that close the gap between dreaming dreams, and seeing them come true. You will learn to:

  • Listen for your personal truth
  • Put a spotlight on crippling self talk
  • Go beyond the fear that keeps you stuck
  • Avoid getting entangled in others’ business
  • Connect and recognize emotions in yourself and others
  • Embrace your future by living in the now

Horses have no judgement, they will lovingly and playfully assist you in understanding the messages you send to the world. Because they are prey animals, horses have developed an uncanny ability to detect emotions as a survival instinct.  As highly sensitive biofeedback agents they can reveal ingrained attitudes and behaviours that may be beyond your awareness but not others around you.

There is no need to have any previous horse experience. You won’t be riding horses; you’ll become part of the herd. So bring your hopes, a pair of comfortable shoes, and the desire to close the gap between wishing your world would change and becoming the one who leads your dreams into reality.

Date:  2 May 2015

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Investment: $750 + HST

Space is limited (up to 8 participants).  Please reserve your spot early!

To reserve a Workshop spot, please contact us at 613-277-4402 or at unbridledcoachingmm@gmail.com.

Refund policy

Due to the costly non-refundable nature of reserving the venue and the limited spaces available in workshops, a cancellation made 30 days or less from the date of a workshop is non-refundable.  Fifty percent (50%) of the workshop fee will be refunded for a cancellation made between 60 to 31 days prior to the workshop.  Any cancellation made 61 days prior to the workshop is fully refundable minus any processing fees.  Please note that should you need to cancel every effort will be made to apply any non-refunded amount to a future workshop.

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