Virtual Horse Meditation ~ 2020-21 Winter Series

Back by popular demand, we are excited to announce our 2020-21 Virtual Horse Meditation Winter series!

Come see how the power of the horse can elevate your meditation experience. Let a horse touch your soul and truly see you without judgement and with unconditional love.

Sounds Woo-Woo?

Quite the opposite in fact. The Heart Math Institute had shown through their research that the human heart is a source of intuitive intelligence. By slowing down, and practicing coherence building techniques we can access this intelligence. When you have experienced a state of harmony and flow in your life, you have been in a state of personal coherence. Would you like to learn how to create more of this in your life?

Now, get ready for this factoid. The horse’s heart is five times the size of a human’s heart. Not only that, these Great Ones are in a permanent state of coherence. So, guess what happens, when we enter into their electromagnetic fields. Yup, we start to entrain with their frequency. Crazy right?

Bottom line, when you come to this meditation, you will connect with the wisdom of YOUR heart. So, what questions do you have? What do you want more of in your life?

All This and MORE!

As you come to align your heart with your mind, sustain your own personal coherence, get a load of these other benefits:

Increased capacity to regulate your emotions, improved distress tolerance, better ability to navigate change, increased creativity, capacity for problem solving. Boost your immune system with sustained positive emotions.

Why say yes? 

✓ Powerful self-care pit stops guaranteed for Winter 

✓ Your insights and strategies supported over multiple weeks 

✓ Creative inspiration from a four and two-legged herd 

✓ Supporting two local business women 

We will meditate with the horses via Zoom and then we will share and explore (should you be inspired to do so) what our experience meant to each of us. In joining us, you will not only be taking good care of yourself, you will be helping Unbridled Coaching to develop their virtual offerings. We will be experimenting with live and filmed videos of the horses. The investment for one session has been $40, which would bring the value of this package to $160. For the once a month, four-month package, you benefit with a discounted investment of only $100.

Dates for the 2020-21 Winter Series are: November 28, December 19, January 23 and February 27. 

All previous session have SOLD OUT! Hurry and register for now so as not to be disappointed.

Contact us at 613-277-4402 or at to register.

Testimonials ~ “I am happy that you are addressing this subject Marlene. 40 years ago I was hospitalized for a suspected heart attack, however it was a overactive vagus nerve. Still not recognized by many medical professionals, at that time forward thinking German doctors put me in a programme to learn “autogenic training”. This was at a time when the word meditation was still considered “outlandish”. It got me off all medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I now know, it was nothing other than a different way of meditation to control your heart rate, respiratory activity and body control. I now practice TM meditation, as it is shorter and equally effective. Combine this with the equine energy is a very powerful programme. Congratulations.” ~Hans Hollenbach, Coach and Equine Health Practitioner

“This is now my 3rd or 4th meditation with Unbridled Coaching.  I don’t know if it’s something in the air, the energy of the people and horses, or all of the above, but I always manage to find that desired headspace and centered feeling – regardless of weather conditions. There’s an authenticity about the whole experience that reminds me every time how my intellectual intention isn’t the solution to my daily overwhelm, rather the energy that I create around it, and my perspective of myself and my circumstances that matter. I always walk away feeling more connected, more expanded across my consciousness – where the tightness of my own daily stressful thoughts are reinterpreted and released.  Including virtual participants felt completely natural. In fact, it served to expand my experience visualizing their locations and hearing about their experiences.   A testament to the power of the energy and our connections. I will never turn down an opportunity to participate if life permits – it’s an integral part of my life now.” ~ Adam Duff, Montreal, Canada