Virtual Horse Meditation ~ 2021 Spring/Summer Series

A Life Well Lived

A brand-new year has begun. It is clear the opportunity to live our lives very differently continues. For a lot of us, time is spent mostly at home. For all of us, it certainly has tapped into the ability to be flexible, creative and resilient. All that said, do you find yourself at times exhausted?

Given the challenges we are facing over a protracted period of time, this is entirely understandable. The question is, when you find yourself all “toasty” what do you do? Another question is are you good at detecting the signs of toastiness when they start to surface?

Over these Winter months, our Unbridled Herd, both two and four legged have gotten together once a month to dive into this matter. The horses have been inspiring us about how to be clear on our needs and how to take care of them. It has been both powerful and inspiring, giddy up BIG time!

We are launching another four-month virtual horse meditation program the theme of which will be “A Life Well Lived.” Is this not a perfect time for you to ask yourself, what it would mean for you to have a life well lived? Can you sense by spending time with horses that are a product of over 50 million years of evolution, that you might get answers?

The investment for one session has been $40 + HST, which would bring the value of this package to $160 + HST. For the once a month, four month package, you benefit with a discounted cost of only $100 + HST. In addition to four horse meditation sessions, a complimentary session on meditative journaling will launch the series.

Can we get a Yee-Haw?

Why say yes?

✓ Onsite offerings on identified dates if COVID restrictions allow (otherwise virtual)

✓ Powerful self-care pit stops guaranteed into the Spring

✓ Your insights and strategies supported over multiple weeks

✓ Creative inspiration from a four and two-legged herd

✓ Supporting two local business women

Here are the dates, all at 4pm:

March 20 – Meditative Journaling; April 24, May 29, June 26, July 31 – 4 horse meditation sessions. THIS SERIES IS NOW SOLD OUT!  But wait!! There is more good news!!

We have opened up a new time slot on the same days from 6 to 7 p.m. starting with the April session. Contact us to be put on a waiting list for this new time slot. We will contact those on the waiting list once there are a minimum of 8 participants in the waiting. So bring along your friends and family and create your own meditation with horses group! And don’t worry, we will catch you up on the meditative journaling.

Contact us at 613-277-4402 or at to register before April 24  to not miss out on the Spring/Summer series.


2020-21 Winter Virtual Meditation with Horses Series:

“Hey ladies. Thank you so much for putting this session together. It was amazing. In some ways, I found that virtual meditation was even more powerful. Being super comfortable in my surroundings allowed me the space I needed to just let go and go deep. I missed the proximity to the horses but it more than made up in a stillness that is not always possible when you are not in a physically comfortable position.These meditations gave me a chance to stop and truly look at what was happening in my life, during this very challenging time, and to re-center myself so that I could be my best self going forward. Not only did I receive many gifts from the experience but so did everyone around me as I quieted, so did everyone else. The energy I produce affects everyone around me big time. That was probably the biggest gift I was given. That everything I do and say not only affects me but everyone around me in ways most of us can’t even begin to understand. I am looking forward to the next session and even though I did truly enjoy the virtual sessions, I am looking forward to being in the presence of the horses again. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Love them horses!!!!!” ~ Marie L.


“I am happy that you are addressing this subject Marlene. 40 years ago I was hospitalized for a suspected heart attack, however it was a overactive vagus nerve. Still not recognized by many medical professionals, at that time forward thinking German doctors put me in a programme to learn “autogenic training”. This was at a time when the word meditation was still considered “outlandish”. It got me off all medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I now know, it was nothing other than a different way of meditation to control your heart rate, respiratory activity and body control. I now practice TM meditation, as it is shorter and equally effective. Combine this with the equine energy is a very powerful programme. Congratulations.” ~Hans Hollenbach, Coach and Equine Health Practitioner


“I adored the virtual horse meditation at the Ottawa Women’s Business Network breakfast. What stood out for me was the sentence “You don’t have to tell your breath what to do.” It was also striking to experience how powerful the horses were no matter how relaxed and still they appeared. It reminded me to really own what comes naturally to me, and to stop under-estimating myself. Please let me know when you’re gearing up to offer more sessions.” ~ Alex Keenan, Public Speaking & Communications Consultant, Stage Light Communications


“This is now my 3rd or 4th meditation with Unbridled Coaching.  I don’t know if it’s something in the air, the energy of the people and horses, or all of the above, but I always manage to find that desired headspace and centered feeling – regardless of weather conditions. There’s an authenticity about the whole experience that reminds me every time how my intellectual intention isn’t the solution to my daily overwhelm, rather the energy that I create around it, and my perspective of myself and my circumstances that matter. I always walk away feeling more connected, more expanded across my consciousness – where the tightness of my own daily stressful thoughts are reinterpreted and released.  Including virtual participants felt completely natural. In fact, it served to expand my experience visualizing their locations and hearing about their experiences.   A testament to the power of the energy and our connections. I will never turn down an opportunity to participate if life permits – it’s an integral part of my life now.” ~ Adam Duff, Montreal, Canada


Virtual and On-site-client

It was my distinct pleasure to be a virtual client for Horse Meditation, in conjunction with the live event. I felt as if I was there and part of the group. Although I have attended both live and virtual events in the past, the combined energy of live participants and those of us coming in virtually, allowed me, for the first time, to experience my “inspiration” in real time, as opposed to tapping into it hours or days later. It was very powerful and I recommend being either a live or virtual participant, depending on what suits your schedule and availability, knowing that the experience can be equally enriching. ~ Gile Beaudoin