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Retreat Day 3: Your Energy and Your Obstacles and Horses, October 7

A horse will only want to connect with you if it deems you are authentic and transparent, and only then will it trust you

Dear Soul Guided Life Coach

Bev could not have said it more perfectly; working with horses IS like coaching on steroids. The unfiltered truth is that horses do not lie. They have survived for millions of years through their instincts developing the innate ability to recognize potential danger, as well as, relate and adapt to their surroundings. As such, horses always react in an extremely authentic and intrinsically honest way – without judgment. With horses, there is an immediate and visceral reaction that will speak to your strengths, weaknesses and the overall effect you have on others. Your body language and tone speak volumes; by becoming more aware of this effect and the emotions and thoughts that drive it, you will indeed reduce your blind spots and see your brilliance more clearly.

Repeated studies have demonstrated that more than 90% of your conversational impact is transmitted nonverbally and typically we are not truly conscious of this impact.  As masters of decoding the energetic field, the horses will “smoke out” how you are truly showing up and in lightening speed – all together now, Giddy UP!!

What Can You Expect?

Using structured and unstructured ground exercises (no riding is involved), you will have the opportunity to interact with the horse. The real lessons will be learned through keen observation, guided reflection and questioning.

The horse will not only coach you to be clear about what it is you want, you will be guided to ask for what you want in a manner that is understood.  Even when there are “ricochets” the horse will help you tap into your creativity to navigate through any doubts, fear or confusion that come up. Hello to your brilliance and bravery for connecting with a 1000 pound animal, unique genius unlocked!

In sharing this experience with your fellow participants, you will be inspired by how much we have in common and through the mastery of the horses, how connected we all are.

More About Marlene and Maureen

Marlene Armstrong owns Foxview Stables in Ontario, Canada – in addition to offering Equus Coaching services, she manages boarding and horse training operations – Marlene has more than 35 years in corporate and operational experience, as well as, over 30 years in the equine industry – her vision is to transform Foxview into a world renown Equus Coaching Centre – Marlene is launching her two daughters who are responsible for the daily operations of Foxview

Maureen Donoghue, resides in Ontario, Canada – Maureen’s 30 plus year career has had her move from classroom teacher, to technical trainer to corporate management consultant – she has been fortunate to work both nationally and internationally – Maureen had been married for 40 years and her “children” have been four legged – she has both competed and trained others in the sport of dog agility which was her passion for over 10 years

Client Testimonials

The two day Equus Coaching session has changed my life with excellent results, it has helped me understand myself better, has made me conscientious of my surroundings and the way I react to it. The biggest thing that the training has brought to me was CONFIDENCE. Since this session, I TRUST AND LISTEN to my intuition a lot more, what can I say other than AMAZING! AMAZING …and AMAZING!!
Linda D

I’ve just returned from a two day workshop near Ottawa that integrated horse centered activities.  This was held at Foxview Stables, owned and operated by Marlene Armstrong. I loved the peaceful and well kept 15 acre grounds. The large indoor arena was clean and open. What impressed me most though was the effectiveness and professionalism of the staff-all of the various activities (a constant supply of fresh horses, support and accommodation for breaks and lunch, support for attendants) were provided with seamless ease and proficiency.I would encourage anyone considering facilities of this kind to look into Foxview Stables. Dr Kim McKenzie

I also learned a lot from just watching others work with the horses to see where there were issues in me that were the same. It was not by mistake that we were there working together, we are all connected. The horses are great to work with as they have so much to teach us humans on how we could get along with each other. I came away from this week-end feeling more empowered and thankful.”   Eric R