Retiring? Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure of your next move?

“Not in goals, but in transition, one is great”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, you are planning for or have already made the leap? Where are you on the “fear factor” scale? Perhaps the question needs to be, where are you on the “I am so happy, I am about to explode” scale.

Everyone is different. Regardless of what you are experiencing, taking some time for yourself, to reflect can be brilliant.  Your fear can be tamed or your excitement corralled into creating this next new phase of your life.

In connecting with the horses, you will quickly find out what impact retirement is having on you.  As genius mirrors, the horses will amplify your self awareness and insights regarding what your next steps need to be will naturally surface.

Regardless of whether your questions relate to finances, relationships, health, leisure or totally new directions, this experience will tap you in to your own source of wisdom.  The horses have a way of getting you there quickly and without judgment.  How great is that?

So sign up! Retirement Package – four 2-hour one-on-one session, specially geared to helping you through one of life’s biggest transition.

Start painting your new canvass!

Get ready to explore all YOU got to be GREAT in this next life transition!

Investment: $1200 + HST, for all 4 sessions.