Fear and Elephants

In our last newsletter, Marlene and I had shared some BIG news.  We are travelling to South Africa to attend Koelle Simpson’s session, “Return to the Heart.”  This is a dream fulfilled for the both of us, and we want to share this adventure with you.

You know when you say yes to something, it sometimes feels like “the dog who caught the Chevy”?  Lots of emotions surface accompanied by thoughts which can provoke eye twitches.  It is clear, to us both, that the session has already “begun.”In the spirit of walking down life’s yellow brick road together, join us for a day with the horses to share stories of courage.  What fears have you faced or are facing?  What genius have you mined from what your fear tells you? How has your courage shown up in big and small ways?

Take that Inner Safari with us!

After this one day experience, you will:

  • connect and trust the emotions that are meant to “move” you
  • put a spotlight on crippling self talk
  • decode the messages of your fear
  • ignite the courage that lies within to take your next step
  • become part of a herd of courageous beings who say “yes” to their dreams

Supported by the guidance of the horses, this will be a day of not only light bulb experiences, but inspiration to move forward in our lives in new and creative ways.

Your investment in YOU: $325 + HST; due to food sensitivities, please bring your own lunch.

Date: Saturday June 15, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Prepare for a jazzy new set of cape and leotards!