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2017 Dates for our Lead Your Best Life 1-day experience are now available!

We are also offering “The Art of Be-ing: Living Your Heart’s Desire” workshop.  See some testimonials of our last workshop at the end of May. Spring dates – May 6 & 7; Fall dates to be announced.

Master Your Mental Game of Golf... with Horses. A new and unique workshop where we partner with Emma J. Stodel, Ph.D., Educator and Mental Trainer on June 25. Don’t miss this one!

Fear to Freedom workshop – July 8 & 9– new collaboration with Certified Equus Coach Colleen Smith. Winchester Farms edition will be in Courtland Ontario; Foxview Stables Inc. edition (August 12 & 13) will be in Ottawa, Ontario.

Are you ready to retire? Feeling overwhelmed, scared? Not sure of your next move? Introducing our new Retirement Package!

Existing Clients – Benefits – we heard you! Check out the substantial discounts for our existing clients that offer on-going support.


Equus Coaching is a unique and highly effective coaching service offered by two recognized Ottawa motivational and leadership coaches, Marlene Armstrong and Maureen Donoghue. It draws on the instincts and wisdom of horses to provide a greater sense of self, as well as social awareness.

The Unfiltered Truth Horses always react in an extremely authentic and intrinsically honest way – without judgment. With horses, there is an immediate and visceral reaction that speaks to your strengths, your weaknesses and your overall effect on others. Your body language and tone speak volumes; by becoming more aware of this effect and the emotions that drive it, you will be better equipped to take charge of your life and the directions you set.

An Awakening While this practice is fairly novel to Canada’s Capital Region, it has been gaining increased attention and recognition around the world. Seeing yourself through the eyes and soul of a horse is  the first step towards greater self-awareness and breakthroughs. Several equus coaching centers have emerged around the world, particularly in the U.S., due to the very impressive and compelling results it produces. The sessions are empowering individuals and teams to be better co-workers, partners and leaders. Overall, they are inspiring us to just be better.

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